Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT)

This is a newly-introduced fixed-price service.

Part one consists of a thorough evaluation of your present circumstances, and brief advice on how to bequeath less tax to the Government. Depending upon the degree of complexity, a fixed fee of between £150 and £250 + VAT will be charged for this service.

Unless there are many complexities, our fee is likely to be at the lower end of this scale, but will be quoted in advance anyway, without obligation

Part two consists of another meeting and written Report, with recommendations, wherever practicable, of what can be done to minimize the anticipated liability. Every such Report will take into account your future plans.

For those of you whose wishes or circumstances do not permit changed Wills, we will recommend suitable life insurance geared to the anticipated IHT liability. This is particularly relevant where the main asset of the prospective estate is the family home or business, where, in certain un-prepared circumstances, beneficiaries could be forced by the Revenue to sell-up in order to pay the IHT.

With the huge surge in property values over the last few years, many more people are potentially liable for IHT. We will also liaise with your chosen solicitor or licensed will-writer, to produce the best possible result for you and your loved-ones. If you do not already have a solicitor or will-writer, we will be pleased to recommend you to one.